Committee Updates

Committee updates

PACE Committee Update (Political Election for Candidate Election)

This year, PACE endorsed four times as many candidates as in the 2018 election- 72 in all, 68% who won their elections! The PACE endorsement allows candidates to use our name in their publicity, and some candidates receive money from the PACE fund.

This cycle, PACE was able to make procedural changes due to increased member commitment and involvement. This happens because of you- donations that you elect to make at the time of your annual membership renewal make up the PACE fund. Please keep making those elections!

PACE is enjoying a well-deserved break and will reconvene in March 2023.

Licensure Workgroup

This fall, the Licensure Workgroup discussed updates on the social work interstate compact currently in development; national telehealth efforts; advocacy efforts related to potential licensure fee increase, title protection for social workers in MN Counties, and potential change to alternate supervisor requirements. Additionally, they reviewed updates on our chapter’s Diverse Workforce Initiative, and next steps related to the ASWB exam data released this summer. The Licensure Workgroup’s upcoming meetings are February 17 & May 12, 12-1:30 PM CST

Ethics Committee

At the Ethics Committee fall meeting members reviewed NASW-MN ethics training topics for the coming year. The committee wants new offerings related to boundary/dual relationship issues. Member feedback is wanted on content for an upcoming training on organizations supporting self care. The Ethics Committee will meet next on February 7th & May 2nd, 8:00-9:30 AM CST

Racial Justice Committee (RJC)

RJC has been hard at work providing feedback to inform development of our new Diverse Workforce Initiatives, specifically relating to supporting BIPOC students and practitioners who work with children and families getting to and through the licensure process. We’re grateful to the Sauer Family Foundation for funding this work.

Applications and a call for BIPOC contract supervisors will be out soon!Next up the group will be reviewing our Diversity Plan and outlining actions for the remainder of 2023. Meetings are held on the first Friday of each month from 9-10 AM CST. A poll to consider an alternative schedule for meetings is underway.

SPAN (Social Policy Action Network)

This month our news is included in the Policy update. Want to get involved in our policy advocacy work? No experience required!SPAN meets the third Wednesday of each month, 8-9:30 AM CST.