Meet our New Staff

Introducing New Program & Events Coordinator, Mailee Vue

Mailee Vue

Mailee received her Bachelors in Art in Child Psychology from the University of Minnesota -Twin Cities and her Master of Social Work from the University of Minnesota - Duluth. For the last 9 years she’s worked in higher education from programming in the UMD Office of Diversity & Inclusion to academic advising at Century College to providing support for parenting students and students with basic needs in the St. Catherine University’s Access and Success office. One of her interests is planning and organizing events, programs, and experiences to enrich people’s lives or just to simply bring them joy and/or growth. In addition, she is passionate about creating access and opportunities for those that have not always had or still do not have a voice. She thought, “what a better place to be than with NASW-MN and to be working with social workers everyday who work to enhance human wellbeing?” Mailee is excited to be with NASW-MN and is looking forward to meeting all of you!