What We Do

Every year, NASW-MN holds a number of trainings and workshops throughout the state, including our Annual Conference, Social Work Summit, and seasonal workshop days. We also lead advocacy activities throughout the year through our policy forums and Social Work Day at the Capitol. NASW-MN is the leading voice for social work in the state. Our efforts have direct impacts on social work practice in Minnesota; on social workers – members and not-yet-members – as well as the clients and communities they serve. 

Check out our 2022-2025 Strategic Plan for more details on the chapter’s activities – and join us by becoming a member!


A strong, unified social work community leading Minnesota to a just and equitable society.


To support, inspire, and equip a diverse and inclusive membership of social workers across Minnesota.


1. Member-Driven

We make decisions for our Chapter based upon the needs and desires of our members, continuously seeking feedback from our members through multiple means.

2. Build Bridges

We intentionally collaborate with individuals, groups, and institutions, recognizing that partnerships are vital to all facets of our work and expand our reach.

3. Diversity

We welcome, respect, and celebrate the variety of diverse identity characteristics, including but not limited to age, class, gender identity, race, ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, and ability.

4. Equity

We recognize, confront, and dismantle structures of oppression and pursue systemic fair treatment of all people that results in equitable opportunities, representation, and outcomes.

5. Inclusivity

We listen, credit contributions, and cultivate authentic empowered participation and a true sense of belonging.

Strategic Goals & Objectives

Goal 1 - Live Our Values

Be a proactive voice for social justice and model anti-oppressive social work.

1) Demonstrate courage in taking stances on issues that support social workers and advance social justice.
2) Increase accessibility in everything we do.
3) Ensure diverse leadership including staff, board of directors, and committee leadership.

Goal 2 - Support Our Members

Intentionally create accessible and affordable opportunities for members to learn, grow, connect, and build community.

1) Innovate new ways to offer learning and growth opportunities for members.
2) Provide career and professional support to our members, including connecting students with established social workers.
3) Enhance opportunities for members to connect with and support one another. 

Goal 3 - Advocate for the Profession

Lead advocacy efforts to support the social work profession, eliminate barriers to becoming a social worker, and empower social workers to demand professional recognition.

1) Advocate for the tangible needs of social workers including (but not limited to) better pay, worker protections, and reasonable licensure requirements and fees.
2) Address bias in the profession and advocate for policies and practices that remove barriers which prevent individuals from historically oppressed or marginalized groups from entering social work.
3) Equip social workers to advance the knowledge of employers and the general public regarding the value of social work education.

Goal 4 - Impact Policy

Encourage and invest in social workers as policy leaders, and champion policies to eliminate disparities.

1) Create ongoing opportunities for social workers to learn about and engage as key stakeholders in policy advocacy.
2) Strengthen our network of policy makers and provide support to ensure social workers have the knowledge, skills, and resources to run for elected office.
3) Ensure our legislative agenda and policy efforts are grounded in the NASW Code of Ethics.