Tips for Phone Calls to Legislators

In Minnesota/At the State Level

When you contact your legislators' office, you will likely speak with a receptionist or Legislative Aide/Assistant (LA) and leave a message. Your legislator may call you back to discuss your concerns, so be sure to leave your contact information.

At the Federal Level

You can contact your Congressperson by phone at her/his district office or Washington, DC office or email them. When making a call to federal offices, you may ask to speak with the legislative aide who works on the particular issue.


A brief statement before you call


    • Your name
    • The district in which you live/work
    • Any affiliations (i.e. social worker, NASW member!)
    • The issue or bill you wish to address
    • How the issue affect you (or your clients)
    • Your position, and the reasons for it
    • What you'd like the legislator to do (support the bill or not)
    • Ask what your legislator's position is on the issue
    • Ask if you can leave your name and address (Note: if volume of calls is heavy, they may not take it, but your call will be tallied)
    • Thank them for their time while on the Phone

In talking with aides or your legislator:

  • If they disagree with you, remain polite and thank them for listening (never argue or threaten them)
  • If they ask a question you cannot answer, be honest. If possible, tell them you'll find out and get back to them

Follow up:

Always send a short follow-up note thanking them for their time and restating your position (Relationship building is key!)

More information

For the number and status of a bill, call:
House Index
For your legislator's name and number, call:
House Information Office
 651-296-3550 or 800-657-3550

 Go to the web and visit your Minnesota State Legislature.