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Harnessing the Power of ADHD

2 CEUs - may be counted as clinical CEUs

Tuesday, January 11, 2022 - 9:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. CST via Zoom

Presenter: Dane Jorento, BA, MSW, LICSW (he/him/his)

2 CEUs - may be counted as clinical CEUs 
- Assessment-based clinical treatment planning with measurable goals (up to 1 hour)
- Clinical intervention methods informed by research and current standards of practice (up to 1 hour)
- Evaluation methodologies (up to 1 hour)

ADHD is less attention deficit and more information overload. This shift in perspective improves our understanding of the broad impact and expressions of ADHD. Then, using a Behavior, Cognition, Affect (BCA) Holistic approach provides insights and tools to more accurately assess and identify specific skill deficits, cognitive challenges and affective mismanagement, which help build intervention exercises to manage, and even harness the challenges of ADHD. This presentation is by an MSW mental health therapist with insights learned by living with ADHD and providing therapy to help manage ADHD. Attendees will learn how to assess true ADHD skill deficits within a BCA Holistic approach; understand the impact of ADHD on brain functioning and development, relationships, and social development; and learn when medication is useful for ADHD behaviors.

About the Presenter
Dane Jorento, BA, MSW, LICSW, is holistic health innovator and mental health therapist that has integrated diverse professional field insights to create and implement an innovative, easily understood, neuroscience-based, whole person approach to mental health therapy called BCA Holistic. 

After obtaining a BA in Child Psychology and Social Welfare at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Dane started his quest to improve mental health services in 1985 at the University of Michigan with the introduction of Edward Deming’s quality service delivery concepts. However, a lack of finances prevented him from finishing his MSW degree then, so he worked various jobs, including IT and desktop publishing, until encouraged by University of Minnesota professor, Dr. Jerome Beker in 1992 to finish his MSW. He finished his MSW in 1995 and obtained his MN LICSW in 2003, with additional training in DBT and EMDR. In 2005, he started implementing his innovative concepts as founder and executive director of the non-profit ABC Mental Health Therapy. There, he supervised over 25 graduate student interns and helped 11 ABC staff obtain their professional mental health license until it closed in 2015 when Ramsey County stopped allowing any specialized day treatment mental health services. Since then, he continuously improved his approach as an Allina Mental Health therapist in Hastings, MN.

He presented his concepts at MNATSA in 2011 and at NASW-MN conferences in 2013 and 2018, with positive reviews, but working full time as a mental health therapist has limited his ability to document, research or present his insights and approaches to a broader audience. So, in October 2020, he left his position to work full time on documenting and presenting his BCA Holistic approach and the impact on mental health therapy. 

Beyond mental health interest, Dane has been married for 33 years with two adult children; does art and writing, and has published a children’s picture book, “Turtles into Butterflies.” He is also a competitive badminton player, taking third place at the 2015 National Senior Games, as well as bikes and runs.




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