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Officials from DHS and the Governor’s Task Force on Child Protection will discuss the recommendation of the task force and legislation to address the crisis.



Ethical Social Work Practice with Children and Families;  In the Confluence of Social Persona   

Nowadays more and more social workers live a social persona. As millennials join the social work workforce they will want to interact with social media in their work world. In addition, every client has some relationship with social media which requires us to build new boundaries an move forward into the world with an ethical framework in mind so that we can safeguard ourselves and others from unintended consequences stemming from missteps taken in living out our social persona in an online world.

Each generation's growing familiarity with and ease with which they engage in social media make us less conscious of the inherent boundary challenges present for our profession. Our use of social media magnifies the scope of our ethical challenge in managing inevitable boundary crossings so they do not become boundary violations. Social Work Professionals are joining social networks and leveraging the social opportunity as professionals and as individuals. Their presence as people and social workers from micro, mezzo and macro sides of the profession can raise issues for them and their agencies. Meanwhile, social work ethics are trying to keep up.

This social work ethics workshop will include relevant exercises and demonstrate practices with social media in micro, mezzo and macro roles in balance with an ethical/cross-cultural framework. These issues cut across domains of workplace, profession, family, clients etc. and are especially critical for millennials who are entering the social work profession as “digital natives” as well as for seasoned professionals who need to be on their game and as “digital immigrants.

Outline and Key Learning Objectives:

  • Ethical Social Work Practice – An Overview
    • Become associated or re-associated with the context of ethical framework 
    • Learn about the result of practice in conflict with ethical standards 
    • Learn about Ethical Decision Making Frameworks 
    • Practice Decision making through the lens of an Ethical Framework
  • Electronic Communications and Social Media  
    • Learn a walking definition of social media 
    • Review agency policy and procedure surrounding social media (Staff, Foster Parents, Youth) 
    • Learn to spot good ethical practice in an electronic world 
    • Hear from the experts

Rob Edwards, MSW, LGSW, APSW

Picture of Robert Edwards, MSW, LGSW,VICE PRESIDENT of NASW MN

Rob Edwards is the Executive Vice President, joined Anu Family Services in 2001. Rob has served Anu in roles as Quality and Medicaid Coordinator, Director Quality and Development and Chief Innovation Officer. Early in his career Rob worked with clients as a Mental Health Practitioner and Coordinator of the Children's Therapeutic Services and Supports (CTSS) Program in the organization's Minnesota Division. Rob was a Title IV-E Child Welfare Scholar and completed a MN DHS Fellowship at the University of Minnesota's School of Social Work earning a Master’s Degree in Social Work with a concentration in Human Services Management. Rob received an Early Career Excellence Award from NASW-MN in 2011 and an Award of Excellence from Anu in 2009 and is a currently a board member for the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Minnesota Chapter and a member of the Foster Family-based Treatment Association (FFTA) board of directors. Rob is a national and international speaker in child welfare and has over 14 years of experience in the child welfare field and is a Licensed Graduate Social Worker in the State of Minnesota and an Advanced Practice Social Worker in the State of Wisconsin.


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