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NASWMN Chapter
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30th Annual Conference - Virtual

NASW-MN 30th Annual Conference

The Road We're On: Honoring Yesterday, Building Tomorrow

Monday, September 21 through Thursday, September 24, 2020 - plus 3 addtional weeks to watch sessions on our Conference All-Access Channel

Check out our Annual Conference page for details about registration, sponsorship, awards and more!

NASW is celebrating its 65th year as the largest professional association for social workers. The impact of our profession has shifted throughout history, and today’s social workers have learned valuable lessons from the mistakes, as well as the successes of our predecessors. We can look back on how these lessons have paved the road for us to arrive where we are - here and now. As we move forward, they serve as a map for how we will continue to evolve in our practice, and for how we will collectively create the paths for tomorrow’s journey.

We are proud to be in the 30th year of NASW-Minnesota’s Annual Conference. Our theme is meant as a reflective reminder to honor the generations, communities, and movements that have led us to the present moment, and to serve as a call to build the road of tomorrow with intention, unity, and resolve. Join us at this year’s conference to recognize and celebrate our history, while supporting, equipping, and inspiring social workers to continue doing innovative and empowering work.


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