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Reconnecting with Our Emotional Nature: Integrating Clinical Practice with Climate Change Healing Momentum

3 CEUs - may be counted as Clinical or Cultural Responsiveness


Friday, 10/11/24  1pm - 4pm CT via Zoom

3 CEUs - may be counted as Clinical or Cultural Responsiveness 

Presenter: Tessa E. Anttila, MSW, LICSW


Meet us and our trainer, Tessa Anttila, LICSW at the intersections of clinical practice and climate change awareness. In this immersive training, we deepen our collective understanding of the emotional repercussions of colonization, unveiling the layers of detachment it has imposed upon us. Through unraveling these emotional knots and integrating this practice more widely into our clinical and public health domains, we create a path for deep reconnection while enhancing our emotional capacity (and that of the folks we serve) to tolerate and hold that the line between Humans and Nature is vastly less perceptible than we’ve been taught. How would this change our overall thoughts, feelings and beliefs about the world as we know it, if it drove our behaviors, policies and practices? Through a blend of theoretical insights and experiential learning, we will navigate the intricate landscapes of healing and activism. Our mission is clear: to unearth the suppressed emotions, to honor the pain, and to ignite the momentum for change. Join us in this critical exploration, as we harness the power of our forgotten and ancestral emotional intelligence as living organisms on this planet in order to help heal ourselves and find renewed harmony with life on Earth.


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Tessa E. Anttila, is a psychotherapist and a citizen ecologist who lives in Minneapolis with her family of human and other than human people. Her practice is rooted in a de-colonized and ecological approach that seeks to adapt the larger view of emotional  healing to one that is more collaborative and lives within a complicated and wild world. She also runs a podcast on climate change and emotional healing to help herself and others’ activate purpose towards planetary well being. She wants to practice with others like you what it means to belong and be well in the anthropocene. 

Therapy Practice Website: https://www.tessaanttila.com/

Psychology Today listing: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists/tessaanttilaminneapolis-mn/98176 

Podcast Website: https://www.loveletterstoplanetearth.com/ 

Essay Written: https://humansandnature.org/feeling-our-way-together/



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Not-Yet-Member $75


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