Essentials of Supervision (Part of Spring 2023 Supervisor Certification Series)

Start, grow, or strengthen your supervision practice! (15 CEUs)

NASWMN Chapter 0 1380

Rescheduled from April!

This training will help you understand your values and strengths as a supervisor and leader. It will cover the following:

  • Personal style and brand 
  • Management vs. coaching vs. leadership 
  • Theories, models, roles, and types of supervision 
  • Tracking tools, Minnesota statutes, and logistics of supervision 
  • Boundaries, self-care, and ethics 
  • Dual relationships, personal boundaries, and social media 
  • Rural vs. urban distinctions 
  • Unpacking ethical dilemmas 
  • Ethics of self-care for both supervisor and supervisee 
  • Skill-Building 
  • Supervising toward racial and social justice 
  • Feedback, accountability, and confrontation 
  • Tools and techniques for engaging supervisees

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