Advanced Supervision (Part of Spring 2023 Supervisor Certification Series)

Start, grow, or strengthen your supervision practice! (15 CEUs)

NASWMN Chapter 0 1119


Includes 2 ethics OR 2 clinical in social work values; and 2 cultural responsiveness.

This training will get you dig deeper into the most pressing issues in our profession and learn how to effectively supervise toward what's ahead. It will cover the following:

  • Inclusive leadership 
  • Critical conversations regarding race, oppression, and white fragility
  • Supervising across difference 
  • Supporting equity in organizations 
  • Organizational dynamics 
  • Context, structure, and lifecycles of organizations 
  • Organizational trauma 
  • Supporting change in our systems 
  • Supervising non-social workers, middle managers, and leaders 
  • Effective performance reviews 
  • Leading trauma-effective organizations 
  • Trauma-effective supervision 
  • Organizational assessment tools

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