Election Engagement with Vot-ER & NASW-MN’s Endorsements

Lunch N Learn Webinar

NASWMN Chapter 0 151


Wednesday, September 11th, 2024 - 12:00pm-1:30pm CT via Zoom

1.5 CEUs - FREE for ALL Social Workers!

Presenter: Vot-ER, followed by NASW-MN’s PACE


🏥 Join NASW-Minnesota PACE and Vot-ER 🗳️

Interactive Webinar: Learn to use your trusted voice as a social worker to encourage clients to register to vote.

Session Takeaways:

  1. Enhanced Civic Engagement Skills:

    • Understand the Relationship Between Voting and Health: Discover how civic participation impacts overall well-being. 🗳️❤️

  2. Empowered Healthcare Workers:

    • Access Resources for Nonpartisan Voter Registration: Equip yourself with tools to help clients register without partisan bias. 📚📝

  3. Increased Voter Registrations:

    • Learn Legal Guardrails for Voter Registration: Ensure compliance with legal standards while promoting voter registration. ⚖️✅

Let's make a difference together! 💪🌍

Following Vot-ER’s presentation you’ll hear from PACE about NASW-MN’s endorsements!

Supervisor Consultation Circle

NASWMN Chapter 0 3522

Whether you are a new or experienced supervisor, these group sessions will allow an opportunity to consult with other supervisors on situations you face when providing group or individual supervision. Attend a few times to help meet your 6 supervision CEUs, or attend monthly and count it as general CEUs*.

These circles are for FREE for NASW-MN members who are currently providing individual or group supervision.

Each group will cap at 6 participants, so register soon to ensure your spot!

3 Secrets to Successful Supervision

Lunch N Learn Webinar

NASWMN Chapter 0 299

Excellent supervision in social work is essential for the professional growth, well-being, and effectiveness of practitioners. It ensures that social workers provide ethical, high-quality services while receiving the support and guidance necessary to navigate the complexities of their profession.  It also has a large influence on a social worker's experience in the field and rate of burnout.  Excellent supervision provides professional development, high-quality of service, emotional support, assistance with ethical decision-making, accountability, risk management, and continuous improvement.  How do you do all of that in an hour every week?  Join us to hear from our presenter!


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