3 Secrets to Successful Supervision

Lunch N Learn Webinar

NASWMN Chapter 0 216

Excellent supervision in social work is essential for the professional growth, well-being, and effectiveness of practitioners. It ensures that social workers provide ethical, high-quality services while receiving the support and guidance necessary to navigate the complexities of their profession.  It also has a large influence on a social worker's experience in the field and rate of burnout.  Excellent supervision provides professional development, high-quality of service, emotional support, assistance with ethical decision-making, accountability, risk management, and continuous improvement.  How do you do all of that in an hour every week?  Join us to hear from our presenter!

Reconnecting with Our Emotional Nature: Integrating Clinical Practice with Climate Change Healing Momentum

3 CEUs - may be counted as Clinical or Cultural Responsiveness

NASWMN Chapter 0 152



Meet us and our trainer, Tessa Anttila, LICSW at the intersections of clinical practice and climate change awareness. In this immersive training, we deepen our collective understanding of the emotional repercussions of colonization, unveiling the layers of detachment it has imposed upon us. Through unraveling these emotional knots and integrating this practice more widely into our clinical and public health domains, we create a path for deep reconnection while enhancing our emotional capacity (and that of the folks we serve) to tolerate and hold that the line between Humans and Nature is vastly less perceptible than we’ve been taught. How would this change our overall thoughts, feelings and beliefs about the world as we know it, if it drove our behaviors, policies and practices? Through a blend of theoretical insights and experiential learning, we will navigate the intricate landscapes of healing and activism. Our mission is clear: to unearth the suppressed emotions, to honor the pain, and to ignite the momentum for change. Join us in this critical exploration, as we harness the power of our forgotten and ancestral emotional intelligence as living organisms on this planet in order to help heal ourselves and find renewed harmony with life on Earth.

Supervisor Consultation Circle

NASWMN Chapter 0 2250

Whether you are a new or experienced supervisor, these group sessions will allow an opportunity to consult with other supervisors on situations you face when providing group or individual supervision. Attend a few times to help meet your 6 supervision CEUs, or attend monthly and count it as general CEUs*.

These circles are for FREE for NASW-MN members who are currently providing individual or group supervision.

Each group will cap at 6 participants, so register soon to ensure your spot!

Breaking the Social Stigma of Suicide

Lunch N Learn Webinar

NASWMN Chapter 0 123

Don will outline the clear social stigma of mental health and suicide in our communities, including how media, faith institutions, family of origin issues, and certain traditional models parenting of youth contribute to this problem.  He will examine how this stigma directly affects the healing for those who have lost a loved one to suicide, especially when it comes to grief and challenging the traditional models of grief.  Don will focus on the different social pressures and expectations of certain demographics, including veterans and LGBTQ+ individuals, increasing the risk of suicide to these populations.  Don will examine how community models of suicide prevention can break down this social stigma, with the intention of promoting mental health and lowering the incidence of suicide.  Finally, he will address what we as social workers can do both in our individual practice and in advocating for change in our agencies and communities, to bring about this need for a change in how mental health and suicide are viewed.


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