Political Action for Candidate Election (PACE)


PACE is the political action committee of NASW, dedicated to advancing social workers’ public policy goals, by supporting candidates for public office, regardless of party affiliation. PACE endorses and contributes to candidates who support NASW policy issues, and mobilizes social workers to vote for PACE-endorsed candidates. PACE is a multi-party, federally registered political action committee established to support candidates.

What does PACE do?

NASW National in Washington, DC supports candidates for the US House of Representatives, the US Senate, and the US Presidency; and implements program development and training for political action throughout the association. 

The Minnesota Chapter of NASW supports candidates for the MN House and Senate, as well as candidates in other state and local elections. State Chapter PACE units endorse state and local candidates and collaborate with the national unit on federal elections. 

PACE’s objectives are: 

  • Q & A sessions with candidates
  • Candidate endorsements
  • Provision of coordinated assistance to candidates by donating money or resources, such as volunteers to their campaign. 

PACE also plans educational political trainings for social workers. PACE supports candidates

Support PACE in Minnesota!

PACE needs your help! You can volunteer or donate to PACE in Minnesota. Your donation makes it possible for PACE to screen and endorse candidates, support candidates for office who are aligned with our legislative priorities, and organize educational events. 

To contribute, please mail make checks out to NASW-MN PACE

Mail to NASW-MN, 2610 University Ave W, Suite 475

 St. Paul, MN 55114 


Being part of MN PACE can be exciting! In past years, we have screened candidates running for Governor, Mayor, State House and Senate, County Commissioner, State Auditor, School Board, and County Sheriff. The NASW-MN Board President appoints members to the committee for two-year terms. PACE committee members believe that they need to stay active and lend their voice to screening and supporting candidates for public office to ensure fair and human-centered policy for themselves as social workers, as well as the people they serve. Contact NASW-MN for more information or if you want to join us!

MN-PACE Endorsed Candidates

MN House of Representatives

Sandra Feist running for MN House in District 41B

Jess Hanson running for MN House in District 56A 

MN Senate

Rita Albrecht running for MN Senate District 5 

Ann Johnson Stewart running for MN Senate District 44

Aric Putnam running for MN Senate District 14 

Marquita Stephens running for MN Senate District 53

We are still actively doing interviews and will have more endorsements to announce in the coming weeks.

Social Workers in Elected Office

MN-PACE wants to hear about Minnesota social workers serving in and running for elected office and political roles! This includes, but is not limited to: school board, city council, neighborhood caucuses, and other local and state government positions. If you or a social worker you know holds or is running for an elected position, please tell us about it! Contact NASW-MN at 651-293-1935 or kgoodenough.naswmn@socialworkers.org.